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Why choose ULTRAmask?

"ULTRAmask" ultimate face mask/coverings are made with our patented high-tech jade infused intelligent fabric. The "ULTRAmask" performance material is antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and naturally cooling.

"ULTRAmasks" are double-layered with a filter pocket and is N95-filter compatible allowing the wearer to customize the "ULTRAmask" to his/her preferred level of personal safety and care.

"ULTRAmask" comes in one size fits most which comfortably fits most adults and children as young as 3T. The fit can be easily altered with a needle and thread by tacking the ear loops at the desired length.

"ULTRAmasks" are made with an adjustable nose contour wire to ensure the perfect fit. "ULTRAmask" is machine washable and 100% USA Made!!!

Made with Bact-out

state of the art

moisture absorbent

fabric technology

COVID-19 Face Masks
COVID-19 Face Masks

Rated #1 for Reusable COVID-19 Face Masks & 

"The Most Comfortable Masks on the Planet"

COVID-19 Face Masks

Independent 3rd Party Antimicrobial Test Results